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Intertwine is a GenZ consulting and a full-service video production company making branded content, short films, music videos, recap videos, commercial, and any other pre to post-production video services. Our mission is to connect businesses and organizations to GenZ audiences through edgy, creative, and authentic content. We are the only GenZ consulting and video production company in Chicago specializing in GenZ audiences, founded and run by GenZ professionals. With our experience and expertise, we help organizations communicate their messages to the new generation.




We are a diverse network of young professionals dedicated to giving ourselves a voice in the business world. We show you a look inside the interworkings of youth culture and demographics, the way we think, speak and live, and all crucial indicators of how likely we are to like your brand, follow your social media accounts or buy your products. 




Our services are customizable by nature as we seek to craft consulting and creative services that fit each client’s unique needs. We provide feedback reports, consult social media plans, create digital content, and collaborate with clients to promote youth engagement within their endeavors.  


Intertwine is your opportunity to not only understand the increasingly changing and complicated demographic of teenagers and young people, but also appeal to their market through the most fundamental tactic possible.


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