Skinbone releases into the thick of it

Chicago Comedian Skinbone shoots his music video with Chicago music video director A.J. Spitz. Skinbone creates comedic content for gen z audiences primarily on social media. He utilizes tik tok and other gen z strategies to promote his content. Recently the Chicago video production company Intertwine filmed his latest song "into the thick of it" trending on all platforms. Many chicago content creators, chicago producers, chicago videographers, and countless gen z creatives have had an eye on skinbone and his latest song. He comes from the south suburbs of Chicago and began his comedic career when he was much younger. His consistency of creating posting and finding engagement within each post is why he is where he is today. "Skinbone has a fearlessness to him when posting content", says Chicago Director A.J. Spitz. "He is very spontaneous and goofy and it's like as soon as he has an idea he just goes for it. It doens matter if it's good or bad or both, he has no inhibition about posting branded content or content at any moment. I have a deep respect for Skinbone because most creatives can be very insecure about their work and he has none of that. He just goes for it, and will post things that will make you laugh or at the very least smile. Something that surprises me about skinbone is that sometimes I can tell he gets tired of constantly having to create content. As a Chicago videographer, owner of a Chicago video production company, and Chicago creative myself I can relate and I do indeed get burnt out. He seems to push through, and for that I applaud his efforts, but at the same time question the quality of his happiness. The Chicago creative has been making trending videos for the last 8 years and has been creating many hits since he was in highschool. You can find videos of skinbone taking back before his fame dancing funny to songs and impersonating people. Other examples include him in videos with friends or relatives either as an extra or supporting role. Skinbone's rap career is something that is new and was inspired by today's culture and peers. "'Lots of people started rapping I feel like in 2016 and it's only grown since. THe ability to get into recording studios and work with talented engineers and producers is only going to be more and more. It's the same way with video production and video production companies. videographers are now able to buy cinema cameras for a fraction of what they used to cost. Cinema lights are a fraction of what they used to cost. From music to videos it has all gotten a lot easier for everybody and people with talent but not a lot of resources can get their creative content out there. It's a great time to be creative and its only going to get better. We have an incredible project set to release for 8/8/21. Tune in and check it out.

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