Thea's Grosest Set experience

It started out really crappy because the shoot was next to a police dog compound, it was raining and really cold. And so we were outside the entire time, in the mud, wrangling cables and there was no way to wrangle and set out these huge bates cables, and not hit any dog mines. And so we basically were very dirty the entire time and we all stunk and it was terrible. We felt nasty and our whole body’s just ached after the 12 hours. Then it was morning, and the light was coming over the horizon and all of us just looked like zombies. We were begging for the time to be over, because we all wanted to go home and sleep and I don't think I’ve ever taken a longer shower. But it was also really funny, because after, that was the most horrible thing that I've done as a grip, was you know, wrangle cables in dog poop and you just smell really bad. But it was also one of the most fun shoots I've been on , it was one of the most fun times I've had so it's really hard to explain, It was just such a good shoot that I guess it made up for the dog poop and the mud.

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