What one Gen Zer is looking for

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

"People cant feel like just another cog in the machine anymore. It HAS TO BE ABOUT MORE THAN A CAREER OR JOB AND MONEY. IT HAS TO BE ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS... We leave school, give up all our humanistic connection and are intimidated by the workforce because we fear our jobs can’t offer us the same space for connection that our schools or communities do... Ideally I want to work a job where manager to employee relationships dont exist and instead its more of a team mentality and we can get to know eachother through our work together."

I believe the workforce is moving more into the partner to partner mentality versus the boss to employee mentality, and for good reason. The older model doesnt line up with us, and I suppose I mean our human spirit. Change is inevitable, and although our generation is not perfect I believe we have much to offer the older generation. I mean, they raised us, and we can observe their shortcomings. We may not know everything, but we know more about what makes us happy then the generation before us. We're not entitled we just have more options for career paths then ever before."

- Ayal Bark

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